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Starcraft Solo Extension Table Set - P Series

Starcraft Solo Extension Table Set - P Series

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This extension table set is fabricated from PLA Thermoplastic/Acrylic and offers extended mat support for the Starcraft Solo cutting machine. Extensions do not interfere with base of cutter and can be used on a desktop surface or the Solo mounted to a stand.

Extension length is 6” (152mm), for front and back of machine, for a total extended support of 12” (304mm).

Components are precision laser cut and 3D printed. Support brackets are labeled and include 6-32 threaded inserts.

The support tables are 3mm (0.118") thick opaque black acrylic and will come with masking applied to protect table surfaces during shipping. The support brackets feature notches for 1/2" dowel rods to support the span of the acrylic tables.

Available as a complete set, front only, or rear only.

Supplied in the kit are:

  • Mounting Brackets
  • Support Table(s)
  • Support Dowel Rods
  • Table to bracket mounting screws


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