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Starcraft Solo Blade Holder Shim Pack

Starcraft Solo Blade Holder Shim Pack

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This kit contains three shims that are 3D printed from PLA plastic in three color coded thicknesses. Red- Thick, Blue- Medium, Yellow- Thin. For use on the Starcraft Solo blade holder housing.

Are you getting stray scratches in your vinyl even with the blade exposure properly set and the mat supported?

There is concern that the blade housing may be mounted too low on the Solo. And some may recommend the "nickel trick" where you place a US nickel coin (or stack of post it notes) under the rim of the blade holder when tightening the blade housing lock screw. This is to slightly raise the blade height to eliminate the stray scratches during blade travel.

These shims are offered to use in place of coins or paper to get a more precise, consistent, and repeatable adjustment. 

Other uses could be when switching to thicker materials you have to raise the blade housing in the mount to account for the extra thickness. Using a shim or combination of shims could give you repeatable results with material changes.

Keep in mind use of the shims will affect pressure settings previously used for different materials. Test cuts will need to be made to find new settings.

 Ad is for shims only, blade holder purchased separately.



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